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Would you say that your childhood was less than ideal?

Was one of your parents alcoholic or mentally ill?

Did you experience abandonment by a parent or abuse of any type?

If so, you are among a surprising number of Americans (and adults from other nations) who may be experiencing:

the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACES).

At Quest, our facilitators are especially trained to help you make sense of and heal these experiences that tend to haunt us throughout our lives until we consciously and deliberately heal them.

ACES research indicates that these adverse experiences are predictors of many physical ills and a wide array of emotional difficulties.

They become the foundation of our lenses through which we view the world. Because of these experiences, we often believe and experience that the world is not a safe place, that somehow, “I’m not okay” and I have to do specific things to get my needs met. These beliefs served us in our families, but as adults they keep us stuck in places of ill health, and often with an inability to enjoy our lives, feel productive and have satisfying relationships.

Research has shown that the higher your ACES score on the questions below, the more likely you are to have on-going difficulties in your adult life.

Contact us at Quest today for a private consultation to see how you can overcome your Adverse Childhood Experiences and become more resilient, and able to live the life you long for.

Adverse Childhood Experiences Assessment

The following questions, derived from years of research, are taken from an incredibly valuable resource called Aces Too High.

Prior to your 18th birthday:

1. Did a parent or other adult in the household often or very often… Swear at you, insult you, put you down, or humiliate you? or Act in a way that made you afraid that you might be physically hurt?

2. Did a parent or other adult in the household often or very often… Push, grab, slap, or throw something at you? or Ever hit you so hard that you had marks or were injured?

3. Did an adult or person at least 5 years older than you ever… Touch or fondle you or have you touch their body in a sexual way? or Attempt or actually have oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse with you?

4. Did you often or very often feel that … No one in your family loved you or thought you were important or special? or Your family didn’t look out for each other, feel close to each other, or support each other?

5. Did you often or very often feel that … You didn’t have enough to eat, had to wear dirty clothes, and had no one to protect you? or Your parents were too drunk or high to take care of you or take you to the doctor if you needed it?

6.Was a biological parent ever lost to you through divorce, abandonment, or other reason?

7. Was your mother or stepmother: Often or very often pushed, grabbed, slapped, or had something thrown at her? or Sometimes, often, or very often kicked, bitten, hit with a fist, or hit with something hard? or Ever repeatedly hit over at least a few minutes or threatened with a gun or knife?

8. Did you live with anyone who was a problem drinker or alcoholic, or who used street drugs?

9. Was a household member depressed or mentally ill, or did a household member attempt suicide?

10. Did a household member go to prison?

If you answered “yes” to more than two of the above questions, you may consider that your “ACES are too High”.