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Our Next Retreat is.... April 14-21, 2018


Are you experiencing a big change in your life?

Often changes lead to new opportunities and an even better life.

However, until you work through the transition, you may experience feelings of confusion, sadness, fear, longing and/or loss of self.  You may feel stuck, overwhelmed and/or depressed. 

The process at Quest and our Certified Facilitators can help you break through to a place of not only understanding and acceptance but a discovery of your deeper purpose and your greater gifts.

Life Transition Assessment

Life Transitions are caused by a major change or loss. If one or more of the following fits for you, you, like many others, may find a new sense of purpose and direction at a Quest Retreat.

1. Loss of a loved one through death, divorce, or severing of a relationship.

2. “Death of a dream” such as beginning to realize that you will never have children, end of a marriage or job, illness or accident that limits your options, loss of your home, etc.

3. You are having difficulty moving on following the end of a relationship, especially if the relationship was dysfunctional or abusive.

4. You have lost a sense of yourself, your purpose in life or what you want.

5. Fear of repeating a past experience keeps you from reaching out and/or moving on.

6. You realize that you are repeating old patterns that no longer serve you, such as staying in relationships, situations or jobs that are not healthy, having unclear boundaries that keep you giving more than you ultimately want to and/or compulsive behaviors that keep you stuck.

7. You realize it’s time to make a move, to change, and you’re not sure where to turn or what to do next to create the life you want.