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Do you often accept less than you desire and give your power away? Do you feel badly about yourself and hold yourself back?

This lack of self-confidence, often called low self-esteem, is evidenced by: 

• Not believing in yourself
• Feeling helpless
• Comparing yourself to others
• Being self-critical
• Feeling shameful
• Feeling inadequate and/or inferior

Along with low self-esteem often comes social isolation, suppressed anger and passive aggressive behavior, anxiety and depression.

Low self-esteem is a result of our earliest experiences where we are often ridiculed, shamed, abused and/or neglected. You may have had “good, loving” parents, who themselves, lacked self-confidence and didn’t know how to help you feel good about yourself. During our earliest interactions with our caregivers, we begin to experience ourselves as lovable or unlovable, worthy or unworthy and/or capable or lacking. These primal messages live in our unconscious and dictate our feelings, beliefs and actions as adults.

At Quest, we help you heal from the inside so you can experience yourself as lovable and capable.

We walk with you step by step to change your early programming, change your brain and discover your gifts so you can create the life you long for!

Low Self Esteem, Low Self Confidence Assessment

If you answer “yes” to several of the statements below, you are most likely living with low self-esteem and not currently reaching your potential. Quest can help. 

1. I’m a loser. I have nothing to offer.
2. I feel “less than”, inferior to others much of the time.
3. I feel inadequate in social situations and often hold myself back.
4. I’m often pessimistic, like not much good will come to me.
5. I often belittle myself and/or my work, making comments that are apologetic or self-deprecating humor.
6. I appear successful to the world but inside I believe I’m a fake.
7. I am often very anxious when I encounter new people or situations.
8. I tend to please others, give my power away, not asking for what I want or need.
9. Others have called me a perfectionist but nothing ever seems perfect.
10. I have repressed anger that surfaces in certain situations.

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