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Our Next Retreat is.... April 14-21, 2018


Was Quest life changing? A big YES!  Beginning with a the creation of a lot of safety by a very loving, committed (and large!) staff, the incorporation of ideas and research like neuroscience and epigenetics, plus hands-on experiential processes helped me experience some things inside myself I have longed for. I have had years of therapy and done many workshops and retreats but this gave me some huge, unique break throughs! I wish I had had this information, this experience of myself, many years ago! I am so grateful!

– Dr. P. H., Central California  

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and, it was “just what the doctor ordered!” I found a healthy, welcoming family atmosphere. The meals were great, accommodations comfortable and everyone bonded in a way I hadn’t expected.  There was so much deep respect for each individual. I feel I have made some allies for life (both inside of me and with my group) and I have journeyed home a new person. This was a great investment in myself! All in all, Quest will remain a bright and guiding light in my life.

­– C.J., Trinidad

Through this work, I am able to stand in my truth.  My foundation is sturdy, my attachments healthier and I am stronger both emotionally and spiritually. Struggles are easier to move through as I am able to take each moment as it arrives.  I can honestly say I now experience joy and contentment in my life!

–SK, LMSW, Michigan

This work helped me become more "solid" as an individual.  I find I value my uniqueness far more now, and am much less willing to "cave" to others' agenda or opinion.  "I really know that I matter."

–KG, Michigan

I am always happy to refer to Quest. The clarity and confidence my clients experience is unprecedented.

–L. Crawford, PhD, Templeton, CA